Document type: Book

Title: Use of a business model to create value

Author: Saeed Nosratabadi

Publisher: Mehr Publishing

ISBN: 978-967-12341-4-3

Digital Object Identifier (doi):

First edition: September 2015



The success of a business depends directly on its capability to create value that customers are willing to pay for. It is only through such payments that a business can justify the continuation of its activities. This book presents directives that various businesses, irrespective of whether they are production, service, profit, or non-profit businesses, can use to manage the offering and delivery of value and to make vital decisions concerning the continuation of their activities. The book considers the initial concepts of a business model and shows how to develop and use the model, deals with research approaches related to business models, and provides guidance in designing a proper business model on the basis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, environmental opportunities, and threats.


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